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Our Story

Agkiya - A Legacy of Transformation, Backed by SMBCATALYST

Agkiya emerges as a fully owned subsidiary of SMBCATALYST, a distinguished name in the realm of Management Consulting. With a legacy spanning over a decade, SMBCATALYST has been a driving force behind countless businesses, catalyzing their strategies and fostering growth. Drawing from this extensive experience, the need for a technology partner that was not only business-oriented but also quality-centric became apparent. And thus, Agkiya was born.

Our Origins

Rooted in the heart of SMBCATALYST's commitment to excellence, Agkiya was conceived to bridge the gap between vision and implementation. While strategizing and planning are vital, the technological execution is equally crucial. With the evolving digital landscape, the demand for a partner that could seamlessly fuse business acumen with cutting-edge technology solutions became evident.

Meet the Team

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